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Some useful Thai greetings and phrases for your travel
Good morning, Good evening, Good afternoon, Good night, Hello, Good-bye Sa-Wad-dee
Hello (Male Speaker) Sawatdee Krup
Hello (Female Speaker) Sawatdee Ka
Yes Chai
No Mai
Mr./Miss/Mrs. Khun
How are you? Sabai dee rue?
Fine, thanks Sabai dee
Thank you Kop koon
Never mind Mai pen rai
I can't speak Thai Phoot Thai mai dai
I don't understand Mai kao chai
Do you understand? Kao chai mai?
May I take a photograph? Tai roop dai mai?
Where is the rest room? Hong nam yoo tee nai?
I am going to .. Chan-cha-pai ..
No, I won't go Chan-mai-pai
Please drive slowly Prot-khap-cha-cha
Be careful Ra-wang
Turn to the right Liao-Khwa
Turn to the left Liao-sai
Drive straight on Khap-trong-pai
Slow down Cha-cha
Stop Yut
How much does it cost? Nee tao-rai?
What is this? Nee arai?
Very expensive Paeng maak
Any discount? Rod-ra-ka-dai-mai?
Please wrap it for me Ho-hai-duay
The bill please Gep taang
Please speak slowly Prot-pood-cha-cha
Very good Dee-maak
Not good Mai-di
Good bye Laa gon
See you again Laew phob gan mai
Good luck Kor hai chok dee
Sorry / Excuse me Kor thod - Hotels and Resorts in Thailand and Worldwide - Hotels & Resorts in Koh Chang (Ko Chang), Koh Kood (Ko Kut), Koh Mak (Ko Mak), Trat, Thailand
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Bangkok Office : Tel. (66) 2751 5267 to 8 (66) 2325 0927 to 8 (66) 2751 5224 Fax. (66) 2325 0926
Hotline : (66) 8 3989 6455 , (66) 8 1850 3416

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